QUALIS is a grass-roots organization that Mrs. Mathur established in 2007. QUALIS’s main missions are to economically empower indigent women artisans from rural Rajasthan; celebrate, preserve, and revive women artisans’ craft; and to educate indigent children, especially girls. Mrs. Mathur and QUALIS collaborate with numerous international and national college student volunteers and partners to improve women artisan’s lives. Currently, QUALIS is working with approximately 2,000 women artisans whom it empowers through its embroidery training programs. Prior to their involvement with QUALIS, many of these women had little or no employment or vocational skills and were forced to beg on the streets. In QUALIS’s training programs, women learn Rajasthani embroidery skills from elder women in their communities, which Mrs. Mathur calls, “master trainers.” From QUALIS, women artisans not only cultivate their sewing and embroidery skills. They also receive a minimum wage for their artisan work based on India’s employment laws, health care, educational benefits, and legal aid. More importantly, they develop dignity and self-respect by reviving a cultural traditional that helps them earn a living. Furthermore, by gaining and maintaining their own income source, women artisans are enable to enhance their social standing in and outside the home.

In 2016, Mrs. Mathur founded QUALIS’s sister organization, Studio Fair Trade. Although QUALIS was thriving as an organization, Mrs. Mathur realized that it—like many voluntary nonprofit organizations—could not keep its doors open by solely relying on donations. Thus, she launched Studio Fair Trade, Jaipur’s first fair trade store. Women artisans’ products, which include women’s accessories such as purses and scarves and handicrafts, are sold in Studio Fair Trade. Studio Fair Trade is the marketing initiative of QUALIS. As a social business, Studio Fair Trade sustains QUALIS and promotes women artisans’ work. Virtually all of Studio Fair Trade’s profits fund QUALIS’s operational expenses. A portion of Studio Fair Trade’s profits also fund indigent children’s educational needs. Through these two sister organizations, Studio Fair Trade and QUALIS, Mrs. Mathur and her support network of national and international collaborators and volunteers continue to empower women artisans in a sustainable way. As a result of her dedication to improving Rajasthani women artisans’ lives.