Since 2012, QUALIS has provided sexual harassment trainings to a range of local and foreign groups including villagers, foreign student groups, and employees at multi-national companies. In villages, these trainings are not only taught by QUALIS Founder Mrs. Deepa Mathur but also by young women from the villages whom QUALIS calls, “Agents of Change.” The focus of these trainings is to provide their male and female participants with practical advice on how to recognize and report sexual harassment according to Indian law. These teachings are conducted using skits, videos, and PowerPoint Presentations. Although QUALIS does not believe that any victim is ever to blame for her, his, or their experience of sexual harassment, QUALIS also teaches its participants self-protection strategies to enhance their self-confidence.

The QUALIS Team also offers a similar training called “Good Touch, Bad Touch” for children. This training teaches children in language appropriate to their age about the need to respect their and others’ need for personal space. “Good Touch, Bad Touch” also teaches them how to identify and then tell trusted grownups about touches that make them uncomfortable.