RANG stands for Raising Awareness in Nutrition and Good Health. In this project, the QUALIS Team focuses on teaching the female artisans’ children basic nutrition and hygiene habits. The RANG Project targets children of artisans who are between the ages of 5 and 10 because this is the brain development stage in which the mind develops the fastest. Thus, children are easily able to learn and remember the teachings. Teachings include lessons on how to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables and how to properly wash your hands and brush your teeth. Because all the teachings are done through colors (in Hindi, “rang,” means “color”), it was given the name the “RANG Project.” For example, the QUALIS Team instructs children to eat so many foods that are red (e.g., apples, peppers, tomatoes) every day. To make each session engaging, the QUALIS Team uses various teaching tools including skits, quizzes, posters, and PowerPoints. Each program runs for a minimum of 21 days so that the lessons learned from each session become a habit. Sessions are often conducted in government schools in Rajasthan where many of the artisans’ children attend.


Because of all of the children come from under-privileged backgrounds and QUALIS recognizes that healthy eating can be costly, the QUALIS Team provides each participant with a handout that provides a list of nutritional foods that they can afford based on their family’s income. Moreover, children’s parents, especially their mothers, are also taught these healthy eating and hygiene habits so that they can incorporate them into their daily lives. The QUALIS Team collaborates with dieticians and health experts who volunteer to conduct the sessions.