Created in summer 2016 by QUALIS Founder Mrs. Deepa Mathur and QUALIS U.S. Consultant, Amanda Stephens, QUALIS Connect is a language and cultural exchange initiative that connects international, English-speaking college students who have come to Jaipur to learn Hindi with native Hindi-speaking girls. These girls come from an underprivileged and lower-class section of the city and attend government primary and secondary schools in Jaipur. While the girls need to learn English to achieve their academic and professional goals, the college students need to learn Hindi for the same reason. By creating a fun and informal classroom environment in which college students learn colloquial Hindi from the girls and the girls learn colloquial English from the college students, QUALIS Connect plays a role in assisting both student groups with fulfilling their goals while they simultaneously engage in an enriching cultural exchange. For a related program, see the “The Pen Pal Project.”