Receiving a letter is fun, but what about receiving a letter from across the globe? Not only is it enjoyable, but it also creates cross-cultural understanding and allows the receiver to learn about a new place and way of life. In summer 2016, QUALIS Connect (hyper-link to QUALIS connect page) volunteer and Seattle, USA, native, Elizabeth Purdy (hyperlink to Elizabeth’s bio), created the Pen Pal Project. Her idea was simple: Pair 12 school-aged girls from Jaipur with Pen Pals, girls of a similar age, in Seattle. With the help of QUALIS Founder, Mrs. Deepa Mathur, and other QUALIS Connect volunteers, the girls in Jaipur crafted their letters, in which they told about themselves, their families, their school, their country, and what they like to do for fun. The girls thoroughly enjoyed writing about their lives. What’s more, the lettering writing activity also helped the girls practice their English skills, which they will need to use on future job and college applications. Several months later, the school-aged girls in Seattle were thrilled to receive the letters and learn about a new country, as well as their new friends. The Pen Pal Project continues to this day, with the girls on both sides of the world sharing about their lives and building transnational friendships.